How to Start Being Healthy (When you just can’t)

You go to bed feeling disgusted with yourself for how you ate that day… fast food, junk food, sweets, processed and no veggies. The number on the scale doesn’t reflect how you feel on the inside. You decide that it’s time to make a change! It is time to be healthy. Tomorrow you will start doing everything right and life will be amazing.

You are going to wake up early, start a workout program, eat fresh healthy food and drink lots and lots of water.

Sound familiar?

Healthy Day 1 – Trial #286

The alarm goes off (an hour early…you are going to workout!) Snooze. The next alarm goes off. Snooze. There’s the next one. Okay now you have to get up, but you don’t get to workout. The day isn’t starting how you planned but it’s okay, you’ll work out later. Except now you have to take the kids to school without a shower first because you are going to shower after you work out. Bleh.

A healthy breakfast was easy, it’s still early in the day after all. However, 10:30 rolls around and you are STARVING!! ALL YOU WANT IS A BIG FAT DONUT! Your eating starts to slip, a diet coke sounds better than water, and yea…about that workout…

We have all been there.

We all have those a-ha moments when it suddenly becomes clear what you need to do in order to feel better about yourself, but when the time comes, you just can’t deliver. It is frustrating! It is so hard to beat those unhealthy habits. We want all of the benefits of healthy habits: slim figure, more energy, good skin, etc, but it is just so much work! Plus, you have zero energy.

You know what? IT’S OKAY! It’s okay to not start off perfect. A lot of people NEED a couple weeks of some simple healthy modifications to their routine in order to make any serious changes/strives towards a healthy life.

How to Start Being Healthy (When you Just Can’t)

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I have put together 5 simple strategies to get you moving in the right direction. These healthy modifications will give you more energy so that you can get started on that big healthy to-do list you keep creating, for real this time.

1) Sleep More!

You might not be getting enough sleep! If you are feeling tired and lethargic all the time, try going to bed earlier. Young children take so much out of you! You give, give, give all day long. When they go to bed, finish up a few things that you need to do and then GO TO BED! I know how nice alone time is, and I am super guilty of this. When I finally get my children to bed after a stressful day, I like to turn on Netflix and let my mind zone into whatever I’m watching, or sit out on the patio with my husband in the quiet. I LOVE my alone time at the end of the night. But instead, I am working on going to bed early so that I can get enough sleep and enjoy my time in the morning.

You need to find out what amount of sleep is right for you. Personally, I need about 7 hours of sleep. If I have less, I will snooze all of my alarms and be groggy and feel behind all day. If I have more than 7 hours, I tend to want more and more sleep and will still want to hit snooze. Find that magic number that’s right for you. I really like my Fitbit Flex because not only does it track my activity, but it tracks my sleep as well.

2) Carry a Water Bottle Around

Eventually, you will want to cut other sweetened beverages, but if you can at least start drinking more water right now, you will feel more refreshed and have more energy. If you carry a water bottle/cup around with you, it will be a constant reminder to you to drink up. Water is good for so many reasons.

If you don’t care for the taste of plain water, I recommend buying these flavored propel electrolyte packets for water bottles. They taste so good and make it so easy to drink water throughout the day.

I like using this RTIC Tumbler because it keeps my water ice cold without getting condensation all over the outside. It also will keep coffee super hot. I also like these no-leak Contigo water bottles (and so do my kids.)

3) Buy Pre-Cut Veggies

Now, I am all about saving money and spending as little as possible. HOWEVER, I also know what its like to be hungry for a snack and look in the fridge with good intentions only to be reminded that I haven’t cut up my veggies yet. The pantry has snacks ready-to-eat (but they are definitely less healthy.) Buying un-cut veggies to rot in the food crisper drawer is a complete waste of money, so if spending a little bit more to buy them pre-cut helps you to actually eat them, DO IT! Start by eating them at least once a day.

4) Consider new Vitamins/Supplements

You should absolutely consult your doctor if you are considering new supplements. I am not a doctor or a health professional of any kind. I am only sharing with you what has worked for me. Read my disclosure policy here for more information.

I was having a lot of trouble with my energy levels. I did my research, consulted my doctor and added some supplements to my daily vitamins. The 3 supplements that have helped me the most with my energy levels are fish oil, vitamin D3, and a vitamin B-complex. When I added these to my daily women’s multi-vitamin, I noticed a rise in my energy levels. When I go days without taking vitamins, I notice my energy gets depleted and I have a hard time sticking to any kind of routine.

5) Very Light Exercise

Surprisingly, one thing that gives you more energy is to get moving! So even if you are feeling super lazy or tired, just put your shoes on and go out in the sunshine for a walk. You will immediately feel a boost. You don’t have to walk far, just strive for at least 15-20 minutes.

If you want to very lightly start into a workout routine but don’t want to devote much time, check out the 8 fit app. After you create a profile, it will create tailored 10 minute workouts just for you! It even has a timer that you can pause if its going too fast. I highly recommend it!

I hope these 5 simple lifestyle modifications will help you get on the right track towards a healthier you! Please share this post if you found it helpful 🙂


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